DISFLEX products meet all the safety and quality requirements demanded by the NF. The NF Certification is based on French, European (EN1113) and other international Standards.

The NF is based on the European Standards EN-1112 and EN-1113


  • This certification is mandatory for the distribution of products in the French market

The ACS is a material testing Standard according to the French Decree 2001-1220 of 20/12/2001. It certifies that materials used are in compliance with French health Standards, e.g. when coming into contact with drinking water, there is no harm to the human health and drinking water is still suitable for human consumption.

The conditions for obtaining the ACS are similar to those defined in the EAS project (Schema d’Approbation Européen), the future harmonized system being developed by the European Commission.

The ACS certification is awarded by an accredited laboratory by the French health service that assesses the compliance of any material or object that comes in contact with drinking water. This assessment requires a thorough examination of the formulation of the object and passing of stringent tests.

DISFLEX has its own laboratory where technicians perform mechanical tests of strength, durability and flexibility, thus ensuring the quality of products. The lab also has a machine salt spray test to analyze the purity of chrome. In this laboratory components of products manufactured by DISFLEX are also analyzed.


The CE (European Community) Certification is a guarantee that products meet all applicable provisions of the European Community and have successfully completed appropriate compliance tests.